Summer houses should match functionality with all the good stuff to enjoy life!

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The Inspiration

We named this Villa Renovation project Ariadni inspired by the character power of the owners. In Greek Mythology, Ariadni was the daughter of Minos, King of Crete and his queen Pasiphae.

Ariadni gave hero Theseus the “mitos” – the thread to mark his way into the Labyrinth and helped him overcome the mythical monster called Minotaur. Until then no man had exited the Labyrinth alive! Theseus saved the potential sacrificial victims to the Minotaur and became a legend.

The Project

Villa Ariadni is a project that involves the renovation of three old houses in a plot by the sea. Total renovation takes place internally with change of spaces and materials, new plumbing and electricity circuits. Spaces become more open and functional, each bedroom has its own bathroom, living rooms and kitchens are placed facing the external barbecue area for functionality of use.

The third house is totally altered, the tile roof is demolished and a beautiful terrace takes its place, ideal for admiring the spectacular view of the traditional village and sea canal.

A pool is constructed at the free space – former garden area– of the plot. Externally windows and doors are replaced and color palette changes from off-white & white to warm sand beige & olive leaf green. Colors that match the surrounding flora and are compatible with the traditional Saronic architectural style. New fencing that protects owners’ privacy and stone reinvestments to match the natural feel.