Town House Renovation

A renovation that gave the new owners a fresh, comfortable & enjoyable new home.

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The Project

This townhouse was originally constructed in the 1950's and had undergone a renovation in the 1970's. With many spaces, most of them quite dark due to the Oregon wood reinvestments and casings. Situated very close to Bayfront and the heart of the island town, it enjoyed great sea views of the harbour as well as two courtyards. Traditional elements were mixed with the 1970's renovation which ended up in lack of style and character.

Our Approach

The renovation goals focused on giving back its traditional character, making spaces more light and spacious, adding a bohemian, unpretentious sophistication to the residence and exploiting all the hidden potential the various spaces had to give.

The roof was extracted and a new, exposed wooden roof was created, the windows and doors were kept but treated and painted, the original terrazzo floors were renovated, old radiators were extracted and underfloor heating was installed, patterned cement tiles and vintage elements were added, wooden floors were installed and exterior areas re-paved with stone. New entrance doors were designed and custom made. High quality, custom lighting was installed. A new marble floor covered the ground floor creating a spacious, classic atmosphere.