The design philosophy behind the new offices of MAN DYNAMIC firm focuses on transparency, dynamics and the aesthetic innovation of the working space.

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The Project

The storey of the 90’s office building had to be radically transformed in order to respond to the new requirements. The main design axis has been the identity of the firm, whose basic principles have been expressed through a modern architectural style

Our Approach

The aesthetic approach of the spaces has been based on the colors of black, white and blue petrol, so as to combine timelessness with the dynamic profile of the company. The functional approach has been based on ergonomics, accessibility, hygiene of working spaces and the discreet -yet omnipresent- integration of latest technology.

Regarding the layout, 6 subcategories of spaces have been defined : reception, staff offices, president’s office, meeting room and service areas ( server room, kitchen, toilets & accessible toilet ). The spaces are delimited by crystal sound-absorbing dividers with thin aluminium profiles, which permit the penetration of natural sunlight, enhance the notion of transparency while creating a feeling of a unified space. The working desks are organised in groups to promote a culture of collectivity and collaboration. The balconies, until recently used solely for placing air-conditioning external units, have been upgraded into social gathering and relaxation spaces with the use of planting, special lighting and furniture.

Emphasis has been given to good working conditions, all offices enjoy natural lighting and airing, ergonomic furniture, unobstructed movement into the space and contact with the natural element - planters incorporated on the working surfaces, vertical planting at the communal areas. For the sake of privacy in the president’s office - when needed - an innovative solution of glass partitions “on-off” has been installed to permit the choice between visibility and isolation.

The modernisation of all electric and engineering installations and audiovisual equipment has been included so that the project lives up to the demands of an advanced corporate space.